Corporate Administration Guide

Managing Users

ValueAdmin has a multi-level security system that allows users to have different levels of access to the system, ranging from unregistered user to ValueAdmin administrator.

Users can have an individual subscription, (in which case they belong to the company “ValueAdmin”), or a corporate subscription in which case they are part of that company.

A corporate administrator can manage all aspects of a corporate user for their company, including setting permissions and changing details. This means that you can remove links to suppliers where you have an existing preferred supplier for a category and also create a link to your supplier. It also gives you the control to ensure that people only have access to merchants that they are authorised to make purchases from and only see tools and information that are relevant to them, reducing wasted time and saving cost.

Maintaining a Company

A company is the highest level entity in the ValueAdmin system. Every user is allocated to a company. The company settings determine the look and feel of the system, which services are active and many other aspects of the user experience.

To manage a company, click on the “Edit Company” link in the corporate administration menu. This will display the “Edit Company Screen”.

Figure 3 Edit Company Screen Part 1

You can modify any of the details on the company. Click in the “Name” field and type the name of the company. Next set the path to the location of the company logo (or click “Browse…” to navigate your directory until you locate the logo).

Note that logos must be saved in .gif or .jpg format and you cannot have any spaces in the file name (including the path). The image must be saved in the size you want it to appear on the system as you cannot set the size within the system.

Next you can set the look and feel for various elements of the system, the main screen, the menu items and the calendar. Setting the colours for the main screen and the menu items is the same procedure. Menu items refers to the frames to the left and right of the screen. The calendar uses the same procedure but has different field names. Note, you can preview the colours by clicking “Submit” and looking at the sample for each section. Make sure that colours are readable, don’t clash and are easy on the eye.

To set the colours for the main area and the menus, set the background, foreground and hyperlink colours.

The background is the background colour. If you know the hex code for your colour, just enter it in the “Background” field. Otherwise, you can click “select color” to choose a colour from the palette.

In the palette, just click on the colour you want and the hex code will be inserted into the field automatically. If you choose a different colour, then that code will be entered. When you are finished with the colour palette, close the palette window.

Figure 4 Colour Palette

The “Foreground” colour is the colour of normal text on the screen. Make sure that text is in a colour that is readable on the selected background. (You can click “Submit” at the bottom of the “Edit Company” screen to see what your selected colours look like.

The “Hyperlink” colour is the colour of text that is part of a hyperlink, (an area of text that can be clicked to take the user to a different location).

Figure 5 Edit Company Screen Part 2

For the calendar, you can set the background and foreground for the cells of the calendar.

Next you enter a primary email address for contacting the company.

The Welcome message is the text that will be sent to all new users for your company when they are registered with ValueAdmin.

The Newsletter Message will be added to the newsletter for all member of you company. In general, it is assumed that the company administrator will update the message each week before the newsletter goes out on a Monday morning.

The newsletter is provides an efficient method of communicating with all of your administrative staff in a regular manner as part of their normal work routine. This is a great way of ensuring that staff get facts, rather than rumour and has been shown to have a very positive effect on morale.

The actual sending of the newsletter is done by the ValueAdmin administrator and the system will pick up whatever messages corporate administrators have entered at that time. In general, the newsletter will be sent on Monday morning, Australian EST. The newsletter will also automatically include the “Grabber” for each article on the front page for each user, (this will be different for users in different locations, industries and jobs).

Once all the details are correct, click “Submit”

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