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Why register with ValueAdmin?

ValueAdmin was created for Administrative Professionals. It is the first site to truly cater for all the needs of Admin Staff, to help them do their jobs more efficiently, and provide a sense of community. We cater for admin people in a whole range of industries, locations and job descriptions. We aim to become your home page of choice.

The site is personalised for you, and therefore unregistered users only get access to the basic information on the ValueAdmin site as provision of a few personal details really releases the true potential of the site for users. Registered users get content, merchants and productivity tools, all tailored to their specific needs, based on job description, location and Industry. When a registered user clicks on a procurement service to order a product, some information may be passed on to our merchant partner and therefore the user does not have to re-enter details that they have already supplied us. Everything is focussed around efficiency and helping you to do your job more easily

Also registered users get the valuable opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded professionals. They can enter our forum and discuss issues relevant to their work and they can also ask ValueAdmin a question that they are having trouble answering. Registered users are eligible to enter our competitions and access specials from our partners. Registering also gives you access to the ValueAdmin Credit System.

How do you buy things through ValueAdmin

We have conducted extensive research to try and partner with the best service providers and merchants in each of the categories that we thought you wanted quick and efficient access to. Value Admin does not sell products or services to you, but enables you to get "user friendly" access to all the services you need, right from your desktop. The transaction is actually between you and the Partner directly, so if you have any comments, problems, or words of praise, we want to hear about them, as our relationship with you is paramount. You can contact us by email or via our 1300 number.

Why do you have Online Partners

ValueAdmin has identified leading suppliers across a whole range of supply categories. We have worked with these suppliers to get great deals for our customers and make the online experience as convenient and quick as possible. All of our partners are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service so that using the web through ValueAdmin will be enjoyable, convenient and efficient for you. Remember however, the final transaction is directly between you and the Partner.

If you sell goods or services online that would be useful to the admin sector or have any suggestions for new partners or categories then ValueAdmin would like to talk to you. Please send an email to telling us about your business or suggested Partners and give us a web site to look at.

What is the purpose of the Office Tools?

ValueAdmin is committed to making your job as an admin professional easier. We believe that one of the key aspects of admin roles is finding and organising information. In order to help you do this more easily, ValueAdmin has brought together a wide range of information sources, tools and resources in one convenient place. Where relevant, the tools have been customised to automatically go to pages that are relevant to you, either by location, job or industry.

If you know of other information sources or tools that you think other admin staff using ValueAdmin would get benefit from using, please let us know. Email us on .

What is the ValueAdmin Credit System?

ValueAdmin has created a system that lets businesses get credit from a range of quality merchants with one simple application. Our credit application process is simple and the credit approval is done by a trusted third party agency. Once your credit has been approved, you can select the merchants that you want to have accounts with and they will be opened automatically. For more information please go to Credit Application

How can I find an article I saw before?

ValueAdmin prides itself on bringing administrative professionals a constant stream of useful articles to help them do their jobs better. We try to keep the site as fresh as possible and therefore articles are updated daily by our in-house and expert staff.

If you want to see an article that was on the site before, you can either search for the article by the subject or title, using the "Search" box on the ValueAdmin site, or click on the category heading that the article was in to go to the archive of all our articles.

Why do we have articles on ValueAdmin?

Complementing the products and services offered on our site, we want you, our users, to be able to access a library of relevant articles that will help you with your job and add value to your day. To accumulate all this reading material, we searched the web, libraries and bookshops and most importantly spoke to you.

On our site, you will be directed to three types of articles:
  • Original short articles by our staff writers
  • Links to full articles that we have found on the web.
  • Our short summaries or comments on these articles
  • Expert articles written by professionals in various fields relevant to you
We know that your time is precious. That is why in many cases we have added value to pre-existing articles by doing a short summary of, or comment on them

We have done a lot of research and nowhere else have we found such an extensive collection of articles in the one place that are relevant to the Administrative Professional. We are expanding on this collection all the time, and you may search our archives to find the articles most relevant to you and your role within the company. If you can't find what you are looking for, then just ask us and we will. Click on feedback and make your request!

To access an article, click on more next to the article introduction under the heading on the front page and you will either be taken to a short summary/comment article by our staff writers or to a full-length article

For your convenience we have categorised our articles into four broad categories:
  • Working Smarter
  • Office Life
  • Web at Work
  • My Career
On our front page, you will find an article from each category updated daily. You can also search our article archives by entering a category and key words into our search engine.

Hopefully you will find your reading enlightening and productive. We would welcome your feedback on any of our articles.

How do "Anne Langdon's Insights" add value to what we do every day?

This is a daily column for receptionists, secretaries and PA's written by our expert, Anne Langdon. Anne has been a secretary herself and has taught many hundreds of secretaries about the skills and knowledge required in the secretarial role. Anne was a lecturer at Monash University in Administrative Studies, has written a number of books in the area and was Executive Director of Melbourne Administrative Staff College for 16 years. This college was established by Anne to offer secretarial/administrative training. Anne will share her tips with us daily in an effort to make you happier and more productive in your job.

What are the Expert Views?

We will have a number of other experts share their views with you on subjects ranging from conference organisation to the latest developments in industrial relations law. We will get experts in to write on subjects relevant to you as an administrative professional. We would welcome your feedback on our Experts' Columns and any suggestions for other experts you would like to see featured on our pages.

To view our expert view for that day, just click on the hyperlink in that column on our front page.

What is the "Ask Anne" column about?

We would like you to be able to ask us any questions, which will help you to do your job better and more efficiently including those questions that you feel you can't ask at work. Our experts are here to give you advice on questions that you are finding hard to answer. It is also very helpful for us to understand what's on your mind, so that we can better cater to your needs with both the services and the content on our site.

Why is the weekly poll relevant to us?

We would like to share with you the views of your fellow administrative professionals on topics of interest. We would also like to know more about the way you work so we can better satisfy your needs online. We therefore tailor our poll questions to you, your job, and what works for you. To select your preferred answer to our poll, just click on the button beside your answer. You will then be taken to a screen that will give you information about how our other users have answered the poll question. We would very much appreciate your feedback on our polls. If you have any comments to make or if you would like to suggest a poll topic, please contact us by email on

ValueAdmin Competitions

Nothing is more important to us than interacting with you, our Users. To encourage you to offer us your support and ideas, you will be entered into a competition for one of many exciting prizes when you do so. We will enter you in the competition if you:
  • email us an article you write
    • Send an article to a friend
    • email us your tips, anything from computer tips to arranging the office party
    • send us your ideas for a poll or
    • write to Ask ValueAdmin with your comments or questions.
    And, of course, when you register.

    You are not limited to one entry. You will be entered every time you email us your ideas, comments or questions. We will have two parallel competitions running, a weekly draw with prizes such as a bottle of wine or dinner for two, and a monthly draw with a larger prize such as a trip for two to Bali or and electronic organiser. Each entry will be put in both the weekly and the monthly draw.

    What is the Forum all about?

    We want to build a sense of community amongst Administrative Professionals. This is your forum to have lively discussions on work-related topics of your choice. Reading books, articles and doing courses are informative and educational but there is nothing quite like talking to people in your field of endeavour and getting their opinions on issues you are dealing with. The sorts of issues you may be interested in talking about include your opinions on various office products, your relationships with co-workers, your job role and the tasks that entails, and anything else that you would like to talk to other administrative professionals about.

    What is My Calendar?

    My Calendar is an online appointment calendar that lets you record any meetings, appointments and other events for you and your boss. There is also the ability to get access to company and industry events.

    You can view your calendar by day, week or month and edit and change entries at any time. This makes the calendar convenient and simple to use. It also means that you can check your calendar from anywhere with web access, even when you are not in the office. Each morning you can receive an email of your forthcoming days appointments

    What if I can't find what I need on ValueAdmin?

    This site was made for you. If it does not have what you want, then tell us by clicking here.

    How is ValueAdmin Customised?

    ValueAdmin aims to bring our customers a service that is relevant to them and their work environment. For this reason, all of our partners, tools and articles are categories by location, industry, job description. This means that you will get a service that is tailored to you.

    What are Corporate subscriptions

    ValueAdmin is available in a corporate version. This version offers several additional benefits over the basic, free site.

    The benefits of the corporate version include:

    • Reporting on activity levels for all users, to help understand and control spending. We provide statistics on which aspects of the site are being utilised
    • Control over which features users can access, so that users can access the services most relevant to them
    • Customisation of the site, so that you can make the ValueAdmin site look like a part of your system with your company Logo, and Colours to match your corporate identity
    Links to your own internal documentation such as HR manuals, Intranets or company home page, Customer or supplier web sites, and other useful sites that are specific to your company.

    What is the Birthday list

    ValueAdmin lets you maintain a list of birthdays for everyone in your company. The system then sends you a reminder shortly before the event so that you can celebrate with your co-workers. We also provide the ability to order birthday cakes that will be delivered on the specific day right to your office.

    What does ValueAdmin sell?

    ValueAdmin does not sell anything directly. We provide links to partners who are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality. Where you see a logo, we have a specific relationship with that Company.

    What if I can't see everything in the centre frame?

    You can always cause a hyperlink to open into a new window.

    To do this, instead of clicking on the link with the left-mouse button, click with the right-mouse button (known as right-clicking). You will see a menu appear and one of the options is "Open In New Window". Just choose this option and the item you want to view will open in a new window.

    Also, from Netscape Navigator, you can position the mouse over a frame and right-click and select "Open Frame in New Window", which will have the same effect.