ValueAdmin / OrderPoint Application Form

Section 2: USERS (Fill out for each user)
Note: Your company's OrderPoint Account Administrator can setup user details online.

Date: (dd/mm/yy)
User's Boise Account Code: (required)
Preferred UserName: (up to 8 characters)
First Name:
Last Name:
Title: Mr Mrs Ms Dr
Date of birth: (day and month only)
E-mail Address: (required)
Allow user access to Administrator functions? Yes No
Will this user Approve Orders of other OrderPoint users? Yes No
Allow user Sales Order Entry/Edit? Yes No
Allow user to Change Delivery Address? Yes No
Does the Acccount Require multiple approvers? Yes No
User's Dollar Authority Limit for orders (and/or approvals if this User is approving orders of other users): $ (required)
Name, Account Code, position and e-mail of the Approver in OrderPoint:

(required if this user needs approval of another OrderPoint user)
E-Mail advice/confirmation:
Receive e-mail confirmation for order placement: Yes No
Receive e-mail once order has been approved: Yes No
Receive e-mail once order has been dispatched: Yes No
Receive e-mail when order requires approval/authorisation: Yes No
Preferred OrderPoint start-up screen (one only - can be changed online):
Order Entry Order Approval Order Tracking User Administration
Preferred Shopping Form (one only - can be changed online):
Blank Form EZ Form User Templates Previous Orders Catalogue Search
Additional Account Codes For This User:
Tick Here For All

Once all fields are filled in, press PRINT on your browser and
fax it to Boise on (03) 9518 5668.
Then press SUBMIT below to send Section 2 to ValueAdmin.



After printing, please return this form to your local Boise account manager or Fax Back to OrderPoint Helpdesk on (03) 9518 5668 (area code "03").

OrderPoint Help Desk: Freecall 1-800-4-BOISE (26473). Email:

OrderPoint Application Form: F401/07 - Issue F - 6/9/00