Preferred Suppliers - Help

Well, its time to get your company on line!

All that is required at this stage is to include the name of your preferred suppliers in each of the catagories. You may decide that there are others that we have not listed such as Temporary Staff etc. Leave any fields that aren't required blank.

If you already have online booking arranged with any of your suppliers, please include the URL.

We can link either directly to a URL, or we can create an article which includes information like the suppliers contact details, special arrangements or useful tips.

We will happily walk you thru this process either over the phone or in your office, so please do not hesitate to call Peter Rubinstein on 03 9521 4446 for any assistance in this initial establishment phase.

Use a seperate form for each state, so that when people in Sydney log in, they will automatically see the Sydney suppliers that you have chosen. When you are finished, hit the submit button, but also save a copy to your desktop. Regards, ValueAdmin Your Web @ Work

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