Corporate Overview

ValueAdmin is an innovative business focused on adding value to individuals and corporations by providing a new web-enabled technology solution. 

ValueAdmin is designed to provide online access to everything an office professional needs to do their job more effectively, all in the one convenient location.  

Streamling of all your procurement, HR and information needs, whether your staff are located in Melbourne, Sydney, or Coonabarabran!  The solution can add value to any employee or manager who carries out administrative tasks.  In addition, the system can be stand alone or complementary to an existing Intranet platform. 

Individual or corporate users can attain the benefits of the ValueAdmin solution.  As an corporate subscription user, the following features are provided:  

  • Your company look and feel with full password protection (ie company logo, colours and specific links.

  • Control over user access to products and services – online purchasing with suppliers of your choosing. The system allows you to access your own preferred suppliers even if they are not online! Streamlining procurement across divisions and locations.

  • Better communication through shared calendering and internal newsletter facility  

  • Electronic document management, online forms, HR manuals, internal documents  

  • Detailed activity recording and reporting  

  • Your own administrative control panel to add in your staff or customer users

  • Add in your own preferred links to customer websites, suppliers, internal documents, intranet links, online forms, etc. Fully personalised so that each employee will only see what your corporate administrator chooses.



As an individual under a corporate subscription, or a person receiving trial access via the web at, ValueAdmin provides:  

  • Frequently used office tools – handy resources all in the one location

  • Content / information / interactivity that add value to an employee’s professional life – specifically for administrative professionals to do their job more effectively  

  • Access to procurement links that can provide substantial savings eg up to 23% savings on office supplies ie purchase everything you need through the system  

  • Bringing you the benefits of the web, where you can even order a cab online and receive priority booking.


The overall benefits of the ValueAdmin solution include:

  • Significant productivity / efficiency gains
  • Procurement discounts / savings / preferential offerings and services  
  • Customisation by location, industry and job category
  • Improved knowledge through leading edge content and electronic activity recording and document management
  • Improved collaboration
  • Minimised fuss via one stop location
  • Improved morale via improved productivity and reduced stress, as well as by creating a community among administrative professionals
  • Technical savvy in using a leading edge technology

The ValueAdmin corporate solution spans a wide range of functions which can be tailored to the needs of the individual user organisation.  Our aim is for this solution to be the home page for every professional that uses a computer.  This would facilitate substantial time / cost savings, as well as improvement in staff morale and effectiveness.

The ValueAdmin system is now available for corporate access and we are targeting a number of individual organizations to start using the system.  We are establishing a limited number of corporate accounts and offer a 30-day money back trial to the first 10 of these accounts.  With this offering we will also provide a 2-hour training session, as well as corporate user manuals, and customer support.  During the trial period all users will be encouraged to use the interactive feedback features of the site so that we can use the feedback to further customise the solution to better meet the needs of their organisation.


For more information please contact Peter Rubinstein by email or on 613 9521 4446.