Corporate Administration Guide


ValueAdmin is a system designed to provide everything an Administrative Professional needs to do their job. The system has three major components; procurement, tools and content. The system also has extensive management capabilities that give a company control over many aspects of the system and user activities.

There are two distinct versions of the system, an individual version and a corporate version. The corporate version allows a company to customise many aspects of the system including the look and feel, logo, links, newsletter content and to manage users including permissions and access. The individual version is set up as a corporate version with the company “ValueAdmin” and users under this version have less control over the way the system is presented and reported.

The objective of this manual is to provide the information needed to effectively use the corporate administration functions of the ValueAdmin system to maintain your corporate subscription.

The audience for this manual is non-technical. All of the administration functions are designed to be used by a computer-literate person, particularly a senior personal assistant or office manager.

System Overview

The ValueAdmin system is designed to be highly flexible. The corporate administrator has a great deal of control over the look and feel of the site, as well as the privileges of different corporate users.

The entire ValueAdmin system is Web Browser based. This means that the system is controlled through a Browser and behaves like a Web application; it does not maintain state or remember previous actions. This means that each action, such as listing a group of objects, is handled as an independent step. It also means that most actions require only a single click of the mouse and that, in some cases, double-clicking may cause an action to be registered twice.

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