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An Introduction to ValueAdmin

ValueAdmin is focused on providing bottom line cost savings to business.

VALUEADMIN achieves savings through a consortium approach to the procurement of a range of non core goods and services such as Office Supplies, Travel, Print, Express Freight and Couriers, Telecommunications and other essential supplies.

VALUEADMIN members gain the benefit of consortium pricing with top tier providers without the obligation to purchase in volume. Consequently members achieve cost savings in the range of 10 -25% on the purchase price of indirect goods and services. Members also reduce their time and cost involved in negotiating and monitoring contracts with suppliers.

The VALUEADMIN service is free to members and we offer a no obligation detailed benchmarking analysis to establish an accurate indication of the savings available.

VALUEADMIN members which procure through ValueAdmin achieve further benefits with free access to the ValueAdmin web-enabled platform.

There are no upfront fees to become a VALUEADMIN member nor any ongoing fees. The benchmarking is free and there are no obligations on members to spend. We only ask that you agree to the our standard terms and conditions. We would be most happy to provide you with a customised version of the ValueAdmin platform on receipt of these terms and conditions.

Goods and Services available through ValueAdmin suppliers:


Including beer, wines, spirits and soft drinks

Freight & Couriers

Local, regional, interstate and international freight and courier services are offered with state of the art on-line ordering and tracking facilities.

Office Machines

Includes Purchase and Leasing arrangements. Audit and evaluation of existing machines to provide the most effective solution for all copying, fax and print requirements. Consumables also included.

Office Furniture

Covers all furniture, storage, seating and fit outs direct from the manufacturer. Finance also available through the supplier.

Office Supplies

This covers all office products, stationery, paper and computer peripherals with the opportunity to link directly from the ValueAdmin platform to an internet based electronic ordering and purchasing system


Print management services are offered with the opportunity to dramatically reduce print costs across all areas of the supply chain. Costs can be reduced in all areas of the print market ie Business Forms (General forms, labels, envelopes, tags, business cards), Marketing Print (Catalogues, brochures, annual reports) and Direct Mail (Personalised mailers, outsourced billing, dbase mgt).

Promotional Products


Covers all voice (fixed and mobile), data and internet requirements.


Travel management services are available for domestic and international travel covering air travel, hotels and car rental.



New goods and services continually being negotiated with top tier providers and offered to ValueAdmin Members. Please talk to us about your specific needs!

Three steps to access savings with ValueAdmin:

1. Identify which areas you would like to reduce costs

2. Ask your ValueAdmin Account Manager to carry out the ValueAdmin Benchmarking

3. If the resulting benchmarking results and report are to your satisfaction we introduce you to the ValueAdmin supplier and arrange for an account to be established.

An Introduction ValueAdmin Benchmarking:

The objectives of benchmarking:

The benchmarking is offered to ValueAdmin Members in order to provide a direct comparison of their current spend on indirect goods and services against the pricing structure available to them through the ValueAdmin Suppliers.

The benchmarking examines various aspects of your spend and existing contractual benefits in each ValueAdmin category. By analysing a representative sample of your spend at a detailed line by line level we can more accurately identify the actual spend differential between ValueAdmin Providers and your current arrangements. This determines your potential total actual savings for these items.

Why does ValueAdmin perform this service?

ValueAdmin offers a benchmarking service to ensure you have the information at your disposal before deciding to purchase through ValueAdmin Suppliers. The benchmarking is comprehensive and ensures a fair representation of your spend is reviewed.

What does the benchmarking show?

The benchmarking compares your actual procurement expenditure against the same goods and services as if purchased through ValueAdmin Suppliers at the ValueAdmin rates. In performing the benchmarking we compare line-by-line your purchase price for each item and extend this by the volume purchased. The report may also suggest alternative purchasing approaches that could provide further savings for your organisation.

Price savings are only one element of the ValueAdmin value proposition – there are substantial additional benefits, both process and contractual driven, that have been negotiated as part of the ValueAdmin deal with Suppliers. Some of these cannot always be quantified but Members experience significant further value.

How can these savings be achieved?

The savings identified by the benchmarking are those that your business can achieve by purchasing with ValueAdmin Suppliers. This reflects the purchasing power of the ValueAdmin consortium and does not necessarily reflect on the ability of procurement staff in your organisation. The deals negotiated by ValueAdmin would be difficult for Individual Member organisations to negotiate.

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Created on 30 October 2000,   Modified on 17 January 2008